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Thinque Funky - Upgrade Your Thinking

Get a signed copy of 'Thinque Funky: Upgrade Your Thinking for $ 32.95 AUD plus postage!

Funky Thinking Grid

The zeitgeist of our times has shifted. In fact, the spirit of our times is a little out of whack. We have recently elected a president whose very name rhymingly reminds us of the triple-whammy of Iraq-Hussein-Osama, we have gone from '2020 Vision' to tunnel vision in less than 18 months, and Iceland, the country with the world's highest standard of living, is now bankrupt. The economy is in a flux, Generation Y commerce and law graduates are getting paid up to 20K for not going to work in 2009, and no longer do we talk excitedly about 'negative gearing' at the neighbourhood barbeque. Because of Moore's Law, computer power doubles every 18-24 months, smashing old human thinking domains to smitherines. About the only constant in the world is that my cat, Finnegan, still thinks like a dog.

Unfortunately, change doesn't care whether you like it. There is now a real sense - a vibe - that we are moving through a global paradigm shift in thinking. Find out how to stay future-compatible by ordering your signed copy of 'Thinque Funky: Upgrade Your Thinking' now or continue reading to see what some great thinkers think of this manifesto.

"Thinque Funky by Anders Sorman-Nilsson is really good stuff. Remember where you heard it first!"

Roland-Philippe Kretzschmar,
Creative Director, Hill & Knowlton,
Stockholm Sweden

"Thinque Funky is a useful source of information and inspiration as well as a sharp analysis of today's cluttered and competitive business landscape. Anders Sorman-Nilsson definitely provides a real asset to help you identify new and upcoming trends and adopt the "thinque funky" attitude that will allow you to upgrade your professional and personal experiences."

Daphnee Hor,
Sponsorship Manager, Absolut Vodka,
London UK

"In a fast-changing world where we're constantly bombarded with new messages, Anders Sorman-Nilsson performs a useful service in helping navigate the inspiration sources that matter. Thinque Funky has enough concrete suggestions and constructive ideas to make it a practical tool for creative thinking."

David Rowan, Editor, Wired magazine (UK)

"In a constantly changing world, 'Thinque Funky' provides an upgraded and concrete perspective on how organizations and individuals can stay compatible and ahead of trend. It has specific application to innovation, creativity, and motivation for future-minded people globally, and gives a smorgasbord of case studies and suggestions for the curious. An inspiring manifesto of thought from a young author."

Daniel Pink, New York Times Best Selling Author of 'A Whole New Mind'

"Thinque Funky by Anders shows a fearless attempt to collect the state-of-the-art thinking of a (business) world in flux - and to connect them in a funky but very accessible way – a highly inspirational book packed with the bits and pieces everyone should be aware of. Highly recommended!"

Philipp Schaefer, Managing Director IDEO (Europe)

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