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A Strategic Think Tank Focused on Your Future.

Mentoring Thought Leaders

We work with existing, aspiring, and emerging thought leaders around the globe.

Whether you work internally in an organisation and are asked to step into thought leadership for your upcoming conference presentation, or are an infopreneur looking at how to create engagement, distribution and commercial buy-in, we can help you craft a personalised message that lands with your audience.

In fact, we help you make your ideas sexy, tangible and relevant.

Our thought leaders mentors have extensive experience working in 4 continents - across language barriers, cross-culturally, and cross-generationally.

We help you identify your uniqueness, your signature style, and ensure that your message is on brand. Together we craft strategic, tailored thought leaders mentoring programs based on your core intellectual property to boost your market visibility, and bring your ideas to the influencers who need to hear your message.

Innovation cannot happen unless you create a ground-swell movement of believers. You need to make your ideas sexy. In fact, I believe that ideas are like hippies. They want to flirt and engage in free love. They want to cross-fertilise, and see even more evolved off-spring. If you have great ideas, you need to package them in a sexy fashion, otherwise innovation efforts in your organisation won't go far.

More and more, we need to pitch our ideas to risk-averse stakeholders, and being able to present your ideas so that you get buy-in is essential. You need to utilise both the best of analogue and digital communications to wow your stakeholders, to inspire and inform them, and to ensure that your ideas look and feel buff. Only then can they be realised, monetised and commercialised. Thought leaders need to become marketers.

Here are a few reasons why you and your leaders need to step up into thought leadership from a marketing perspective now:

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